How to Choose a Career

Attending college prepares students to pursue a career field of their particular interest. Although, it needs to be mentioned that some students are still unsure of which career path to choose after their collegiate career comes to an end. Choosing a career is a life-altering decision that requires a great amount of thought and self-searching.

For this reason, I cannot stress enough that college students should absolutely consider their career choice to the fullest extent possible. Though, if you are struggling with this decision, I have a few tips on how you can choose an optimal career that is right for you.

Choose According to Your Passion

This bit of advice may seem cliche, but I guarantee you that pursuing your passion will ultimately lead you to feeling fulfilled in your professional life. In the broadest sense, your career will follow you for the rest of your life. Therefore, if you’re truly going to spend your life doing some, make sure that you enjoy it.

Whether your personality type says you’re an ENTP or ISTJ, following your passion will ensure that you aren’t stuck with a mundane career for the rest of your life. Here in Ohio we have tons of options regardless of what your passion is! Love fashion? Macy’s in based in Cincinnati! Have you always had a passion for healthcare? Cardinal Health has their headquarters in Dublin.

Consider The Pros and Cons

Every career path has its risks, whether it’s financial security or the growth of a particular job market. With this in mind, you can’t be certain that your preferred career doesn’t have a downside. Nevertheless, to select a suitable career you have to determine if the advantages of your career outweighs the negatives.

For example, if you are considering becoming a police officer, you should take into account that this profession has some safety concerns. If you are comfortable with this risk, or if the advantages are far too great to pass up, you should have the perfect career choice for your future.

Assess Potential Growth

In various career fields, there exists an organizational chart, otherwise known as the “corporate ladder”. Successful individuals select a career and climb this ladder to achieve steady progress and growth. Is this your goal? If so, you should consider the room for growth in your preferred career avenue.

If you have large career aspirations and there is limited positional growth in your preferred career choice, you should probably select another option.

Determine the Need for Further Education

Many career fields require individuals to receive further education, especially in advancement situations. Of course, going back to school can be very expensive, and the last thing anyone wants is to drown in student loans. If you are proactive, there are many ways to avoid student loans and still get a graduate level degree. One very popular trend amongst major companies like P&G, is funding their employee’s graduate school. This is a great way to advance your education without sacrificing your relationship with a dream employer.

Likewise, you’ll likely need to go back to school to receive another degree in order to land your dream job. Don’t sweat it. If there is a will, there’s a way!

Be Ambitious

In any career, ambition is the key to both success and unlimited growth. The concept of ambition is quite simple. If you have a desire to improve young minds, you may consider becoming a school teacher. By staying ambitious to your desire, you could find yourself landing a higher role in education where you can affect children more profoundly.

In essence, choosing a career depends on your ability to apply all of these tips to your impending search. Relax! Finding the right job isn’t difficult, and you have a limitless selection of career paths to choose from and is here for you.

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