Why Ohio

When many people think of their dream jobs and where they are located, often the top cities that come to mind are: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, or Miami. We are here to challenge that, and more so prove to you, that your dream job could very well be in Cleveland, Cincinnati, or Columbus! In 2017, Glassdoor rated these three cities in the Top Ten Best Cities For Jobs. Why? Well keep reading to find out!

Fortune 500 Presence

In 2017, Ohio was home to 25 Fortune 500 companies- with Cardinal Health being the #1 Ohio based company on the list recording a revenue of $121.5 billion. Among the other companies making the list were: Kroger, P&G, Macy’s, and Sherwin-Williams. With so many top companies covering a variety of industries, the opportunity you’ve been waiting for could very well be in the great state of Ohio!

So if you are looking for a job with a notable company, be sure to check out the full list of Fortune 500 companies located in Ohio!


Start Up Central

Is traditional corporate not the right environment for you? We thought you would say that! If you are looking for a startup company with a unique culture and innovative edge, Silicon Valley isn’t the only option! Ohio is home to several notable start up companies like Root Insurance Co., Aver, and Nikola Labs.


A topic of discussion on recent years has been the transformative nature of the Midwest and its up and coming economy- perfect for nurturing the startup companies present there. In the next few years, Ohio expects more start up companies to come into the business scene- all the more reason to be here!